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MySql startup issue on El Capitan

Ran into mysql startup issue after upgrading to El Capitan.

All you need to do is run the following command and set the ownership back to mysql:wheel

sudo chown -R _mysql:wheel /usr/local/mysql/data

Spring boot JPA annotation naming strategy

Spring JPA by default uses ImprovedNamingStrategy..this will convert your camel case field name to snake_came column names.

If you need to override this, just use thespring.jpa.hibernate.naming_strategy property.

(eg) – to use EJB naming strategy, you can do the following


This would retain the case ( and not convert your columns to snake_case)

You can also override using @Column annotation

Brew permission denied error

I was recently installing cassandra on my mac and ran into brew permission denied error.

You can run the following command to fix this error

sudo chown -R $USER:admin /usr/local /Library/Caches/Homebrew   ( run the same on any other Homebrew directories as well like logs )

Stop at nothing exercise

A simple team exercise to reboot the team. This will create a better harmony among all team members, close out any misunderstanding, identify areas of improvements, provide inspiration, drive confidence & motivation and plenty more.

  • What is working well  [Continue this]
  • What is not working well [Stop this]
  • What changes need to happen [Start this]

Start, Stop and Continue – This is powerful tool for leaders to build a better organization, world class teams and useful strategy for coaching individuals.

Most of us leaders have probably done this in some shape or form.

Above all treat each other with respect. Empathy is very important.

Happy team building. 🙂

Enable static content on tomcat

Tomcat can also be used to serve static content outside of the webapp archives ( war).

Here is what you need to do to enable this

Edit server.xml file and add the static route config.

  <Host appBase="webapps"
           autoDeploy="false" name="localhost" unpackWARs="true"
           xmlNamespaceAware="false" xmlValidation="false">
    <Context docBase="/www/html/static" path="/static" />


What this does is that any URL request which begins with “/static” ( think of this like the doc root in a web server ), tomcat will serve those request from /www/html/static directory.

docBase and path can be anything. Just make sure these dont match your web app’s context root.


Enabling CORS in tomcat

If you need to enable CORS in tomcat ( or alternatively just serve your response in JSON-P format) you will need version 7.0.41 or greater.

Simply add the following in your web.xml file


This will ensure that the client browser honors the response that is returned from your app server.
You only need this if the client domain is different from the server which is returning your response.